We take the time to understand your organisational needs to offer consulting services that can be flexible and adaptable. By working in partnership with you, it’s our goal to develop tailored solutions that respect your organisational complexities and meet your desired outcomes. Castlefirth consultants are highly experienced business leaders with diverse experience across numerous public and private sectors.


Improving processes is crucial when it comes to efficiency, especially in an industrial environment. Whether you need a specific problem addressed or are ready to direct the entire team toward change, we’re here to guide you through a process guaranteed for success.


Productivity is key when working with energy sources such as nuclear power and renewable gas. In a recent industrial gas production project, Value Stream improvement helped to improve operational performance by 68% increase in output with 30% less stock.

Repair & Overhaul

Every sector needs real solutions to experience operational excellence for the long term, especially when it comes to improving quality. In a recent repair and overhaul project, our solutions produced a 46% increase in output and a 10% reduction in headcount.


When producing high-end automobiles, trial and error can delay completion and increase costs overall. In a recent high-end personal transportation project, our solutions helped to reduce prototype costs by 50%.


In the technology industry, today’s improvements are tomorrow’s realities. Our solutions help foster innovation in a way that not only increases productivity but creates breakthroughs throughout the organisation.

Research & Development

There’s always room to improve in research and development fields. One of our recent projects saw a productivity increase of 300% and a reduction in document revisions from years to weeks with lean implementation.


Having the right processes in place is crucial for increasing revenue in the manufacturing industry. A recent capital equipment manufacturing project experienced a 40% increase in productivity with continuous improvement strategies.


Our solutions are tailor-made for any situation. In a recent healthcare project, we were able to engage the whole workforce to eliminate a £30M deficit and change their operating systems to allow for the build of a new health park.


Designed to advance your organisation’s potential, our solutions are perfect for offices of all sizes. We’ll help you determine where to reduce waste so that you can improve productivity and save costs for better performance.

Operational excellence is closer than you think. Our transformation experts are ready to help you minimize waste and increase productivity in your organisation. Discover how to receive a strategic plan catered to your specific needs from our team.