Strategy to Action


Business Improvement Strategies

Most organisations want to improve, but many struggle to deploy strategic intent into effective action at the point of impact.

Our strategy to action methodology is designed to align and focus the leadership team on the approach needed to deliver the company’s long terms goals. The guiding principle starts with developing a common understanding of the core purpose and direction of the business then create an improvement strategy to take the business forward.

This is not about blue-sky thinking. This is about creating a robust way forward to unify the team in their approach to delivering the future needs of the business. It’s meant to be a golden thread of how the business will deliver its goals and runs through the whole organisation through to the point of impact.

We collaborate directly with the leadership team to help define the key strategic activities and what improvements need to be prioritised. As we move into action, we provide coaching and support on how to effectively deploy senior-level agreed strategies and goals to all levels of the organisation.


Action Steps

Aligning the Leadership and the Organisation to deliver a breakthrough level of performance improvement.

Castlefirth consultants engage leadership teams to align and focus the approach to move forward simultaneously. This combines Executive Lean Leadership training on the Castlefirth Lean approach to improvement and hands-on coaching to focus on the strategic goals and define the critical breakthrough improvements.

We work with you to execute the strategic plan by prioritising the most valuable actions and engaging people throughout the organisation to deliver the improvements needed to achieve the goals.

Our Strategy to Action approach unifies Leadership thinking and aligns the actions on how to deliver the business objectives.


Strategy to Action

Quite often organisations already know the size of the opportunity that they need to achieve. However, for some, understanding what is possible or even needed for a Lean transformation is not so clear. Size the Opportunity for improvement is all about understanding how the business works and where the best opportunities are to drive a return on investment exists.
The next step is to have an organisation’s leadership agree on a vision and strategic action plan. Castlefirth consultants will work with leaders to understand how to achieve the breakthrough targets that are needed in areas such as Safety, Quality, Cost, Timeliness of Delivery, People, and Growth.
At this stage, the Leadership vision is turned into a deployable improvement plan that delivers value in the organisations’ Value Streams. The teams working on this stage of the planning are those individuals who do the work, middle management, and the senior leaders who are responsible for defining a new way to run the organisation with greater engagement, less waste, and enhanced performance.
The value stream plan is now built piece by piece. Castlefirth actively coaches improvement teams through a regular cadence of improvement activities to create new ways of working to achieve the business goals. The focus is on reducing waste and increasing value by engaging the people who do the work to improve the work.

Operational excellence is closer than you think. Our transformation experts are ready to help you minimize waste and increase productivity in your organisation. Discover how to receive a strategic plan catered to your specific needs from our team.