Project Excellence


Project Excellence

How to capitalize on the benefits of Lean in a project-based environment.

Using our innovative Projects In Flow methodology, we’re able to accelerate project performance unlike anyone else. Our strategic approach to projects removes waste and adds value. We enable organisations with the ability to cut through functional and organisational barriers with high bandwidth collaboration for dramatic performance gains.

Typically, all projects are loaded with (often invisible) waste with a focus on individual efficiency rather than project efficiency. As projects progress, the ongoing status and future forecasting is hard to predict as risk stacking gravitates to the worst place – the late stages of the project.

Our approach fundamentally changes the approach to projects, helping to cut lead time by 50% and boost productivity by 30% -reducing risks and project costs. At the same time, we’re focused on developing successful teams with great morale to fully enhance an organisation’s capabilities.


Project Flow

If your projects are complex, have a lot of unknowns, and typically overrun schedule – it’s time to do something different.

We all recognize the problems with projects that overrun in time and cost. These constraints often lead to compromising their project output. While project morale, quality, timeliness, and costs should all be achievable objectives, many organisations fail to succeed.

Our Projects In Flow methodology retrains project teams to operate differently by applying the following principles:

  • Teamwork with high levels of collaboration becomes the default way of working (vs individual working)
  • Previously hidden work is made visible
  • Iterations are eliminated by a team working in real-time
  • Decisions and project tasks are organized into a logical flow and cadence
  • Teams work to ’small step’ project tempo rather than arbitrary milestones
  • Roadblocks are identified early so solutions are put in place quickly and at the right time

Operational excellence is closer than you think. Our transformation experts are ready to help you minimize waste and increase productivity in your organisation. Discover how to receive a strategic plan catered to your specific needs from our team.