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Located across Europe and North America, our professional consultants are highly experienced business leaders with a track record of Lean improvement that stretches globally. We’ll help you tap into the years of knowledge that already exists in your organisation to give you a new perspective on improvement so that you can achieve performance unlike ever before.

Our Solutions are focused on delivering enhanced customer value and organisational bottom-line improvements to achieve the best possible customer experience, business results, and staff morale.

With our deep expertise in business transformation, we can guarantee increased work capacity, reduced operating costs, reduced lead times, and improved quality for a range of public and private sector organisations. In fact, many of our clients have shown a return on investment of over 10:1, proving that our consulting services not only work but are unrivaled in this environment.

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With a depth and range of experience second to none, Castlefirth consultants are committed to the highest quality customer service and will do everything possible to ensure long-term success for every organisation under our care.

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Tom Banks

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