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  • Fundamentals of Lean

    £50.00 ex. Vat

    Discover the thinking behind a Lean approach and the importance of people development in process improvement

  • The Full Package

    £550.00 ex. Vat

    Our full package provides access to all of the e-learning modules to go through at your desired pace. It provides knowledge on the fundamental thinking, the Lean tools and some of the soft skills required to ensure sustainable improvement.

  • Key Improvement Activity Tools (Pareto, 8W, Fishbone, 5Why)

    £50.00 ex. Vat

    Learn about the key problem solving teams used in Lean improvement activities and how to use them

  • Lean Thinking Bundle

    £150.00 ex. Vat

    Our Lean thinking bundle describes the fundamental Lean principles and concepts required at the outset of a Lean transformation, this provides a comprehensive introduction to kick-start your understanding.

  • A3 Thinking

    £50.00 ex. Vat

    Discover the critical elements of A3 thinking and how you can use this process to structure your change efforts

  • Leading Lean Improvement Bundle

    £165.00 ex. Vat

    This package describes the key elements of how to lead Lean improvement within your organisation. It describes some of the critical soft skills required for sustainable results.

  • Voice of Customer

    £35.00 ex. Vat

    How to understand who our Customer are and how to understand their requirements. A crucial first step in any improvement

  • Introduction to Flow

    £35.00 ex. Vat

    The flow of value through your Organisation must be optimised. Understand this principle with this module

  • Lean Tools Bundle

    £250.00 ex. Vat

    This bundle majors on the lean tools which you can layer over your Lean thinking principles. It is highly recommended that you complete the Lean Thinking modules before applying tools but when you have, the following modules provide the tools and techniques to drive improvement

  • Overview of Improvement Activity Process

    £35.00 ex. Vat

    The key steps of undertaking a Lean improvement activity. What must be done, why and when

  • Process Mapping

    £35.00 ex. Vat

    Process Mapping is a key tool to really understand our Current situation and remove perceptive views. Find out how to use this tool here

  • Value Stream Thinking and Cells

    £50.00 ex. Vat

    Value stream thinking underpins an Organisation wide improvement activity. Find out what that means and how to use Cells to make value flow.

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