Level 2a

Value Stream Design

Our Value Stream Design module provides Lean practitioners with the ability to think in terms of Value streams, processes and systems and how to lead them. It will transfer an in-depth knowledge on how to develop and support a Lean programme.

Suitable for Senior CI Leaders & Instigators of Organisation wide change that have completed the Lean Execution Course and are looking for the next level of Lean understanding to Design and Lead a Lean improvement programme

The Lean Competency System was created by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff University and is an industry recognised lean qualification framework for  developing lean thinking, knowledge and practical skills in the workplace.

The training raises workforce lean capability by transferring knowledge from coaches with over 15 years of Lean implementation experience.

The seven levels of competency provide a route map for continuous development and knowledge growth covering the entire spectrum of Lean application.

Course Agenda

Classroom Training (5 Days)

  • Business Improvement Systems
  • Introduction to Value Stream Thinking
  • Value Stream Analysis Event Structure
  • Understanding & analysing the current state
  • Confronting our Paradigms
  • Defining the future state
  • Creating an implementation plan
  • Delivering the A3 change programme
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Return on Investment assurance
  • Benefits tracking and Lean Project Management
  • Process Preparation Planning (3P) Event structure
  • Running a 3P event
  • Change Management
  • Delegate¬†Presentations

Lean Event Coaching (2 x 5 Days)

  • Remote Event Planning Support
  • In Event Coaching for a Value Stream Analysis
  • Create a 12-18 month Lean improvement plan for your Organisation
  • In Event Coaching for a 3P Event
  • Create new product/service process
  • Daily coaching and reflection sessions
  • Obtain a real ROI
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