Level 1b

Practical Problem Solving

Gain a knowledge of lean diagnostic and analytical techniques and the ability to use them in the workplace to understand customer/stakeholder value, the current state, solve problems and propose future states.

Suitable for Leaders that have completed Lean Fundamentals Training and are responsible for improving their areas, solving problems and Teaching and Coaching driving Lean thinking into their Organisation.

The Lean Competency System was created by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff University and is an industry recognised lean qualification framework for  developing lean thinking, knowledge and practical skills in the workplace.

The training raises workforce lean capability by transferring knowledge from coaches with over 15 years of Lean implementation experience.

The seven levels of competency provide a route map for continuous development and knowledge growth covering the entire spectrum of Lean application.

Course Agenda

Classroom Training (2 Days)

  • Introduction to Practical Problem Solving
  • A3 Thinking and Background Explanation
  • Case Study Introduction
  • Current Condition and Problem Statement
  • Process Mapping
  • Creating Challenging Goals
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Practical Root Cause Analysis
  • Analytical Root Cause Analysis
  • Creating Lean countermeasures
  • Confirmation of the Effect
  • How to Effectively Follow Up activity

Learning Demonstration (<6 months)

  • On-line Assessment Examination
  • A3 Creation
  • Practical Problem Solving Activity

Knowledge Sharing & Coaching (1 Day)

  • Delegate Presentations
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Lean Coaching
  • Learning reflections session
  • Certification Ceremony
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