Developing Breakthrough Strategies

Most organisations strive to improve, unfortunately most are not consistently effective and resolving problems to eliminate recurrence is rare.

Those organisations that are successful have a thorough problem solving methodology, encourage collaboration amongst members, concisely document decisions, plans and results and then share organisational learning.

At Castlefirth we have a proven structured approach to continuous improvement that pulls together decades of experience and learning across a range of sectors. Our SAVE model is simple to understand, scalable and flexible to organisational needs, yet powerful in its application delivering exceptional return on investment.

Crucially this approach builds a sustainable culture of continuous improvement through the engagement of leadership and work teams collaborating to deliver breakthrough levels of improvement.

Whether focussing on the enterprise, region, value stream, pathway or work area, you can expect this approach to deliver your required outcomes.

SAVE Model

Our flow of purpose model shows how we help you to deliver exceptional levels of return on investment in terms of people, quality, cost, timeliness of delivery and growth.

The SAVE model is our structured approach to delivering breakthrough change in the organisation. The model is a framework that can be tailored to fit your requirements. If elements are not applicable or already in place then we don’t force fit ours – we integrate to suit your needs.