Covid-19 Productivity Challenges

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I think it’s fair for us all to say that the last months have been a challenge in many many ways. As the more fortunate have come through the change curve and are embracing the learning and adapting their approach to achieve personal and organisational objectives, we have seen four types of significant challenge emerge.


  1. Demand increase– More resultant output is required from the resources we currently have available, be those people, equipment, supplies, or information.
    1. Clearly we have a mismatch between resource and demand – available time to do the job and the time required to deliver it. If we have money to spend we can increase resource to meet demand, if not, we must rapidly take waste out.


  • Demand decrease – Usual work (immediate or strategy driven) has diminished or is no longer appropriate.
    • Here we have a surplus of talented people unable to add value as they once were. This is where innovative thought and rapidly revised strategy are required to utilise the abundance of skills within our teams to diversify and adapt products/services and the way they are delivered.


  • Demand remains/environment changed – Work continues but not in the way it was once done.
    • A focus on the flow of work is required to ensure productivity is not compromised by remote working. Focussing on x-functional collaboration and increased communication bandwidth to remove the wastes associated with remote working is essential.


  • Demand remains/Environment remains –Work continues but revised safe working plans and conditions are required.
    • Utilising government guidelines, recommended world health advice and practices and the knowledge of your in-house specialists to reconfigure work to stay safe.

If you find yourself or your teams in one or more of these scenarios, please get in touch, we have remote working services that will help