I’m glad this isn’t my day job

We’ve all probably said this at some time. Probably caused by the frustration of having to do something that’s been handed to you that’s not your normal job and the whole activity seems frustrating, long winded and futile.

Are you converting trust and influence into value adding time?

From being young and growing up, to working, relationships and parenting, the basic foundations of what happens are based upon trust and how we use it. Are you using the influence that you have to its full potential?

10 Steps to Embedding Lean

If you are thinking about building a business case for embedding lean or are already underway then you could do worse than to review the following list and evaluate your organisations’ ability to carry out these steps.

Is Lean the best way to make change happen?

One of the interesting challenges to delivering lean transformations is that it can be perceived as a solution looking for an answer. It can be common to be confronted by people who think that we see lean as a solution to everything. But everything we do is a process and lean can make any process better – right???

50% improvement in one week is more than an aspiration

Many people believe that setting stretch targets is more about setting aspirational goals than expecting actual breakthrough levels of improvement. We probably all know an inspirational quote that starts with “Reach for the stars and …”. However, as part of a Lean transformation it’s not just about setting high targets with a hope of motivating people to improve, it’s about using the methodology to deliver tangible breakthrough results.

How to reduce lead times from the supply chain by implementing lean

Lead times are the single biggest factor influencing the performance of any supply chain. Should we be allowing for the lead time that your supplier needs by ordering earlier? Perhaps customers simply need to forecast better?!

Have you been 'leaned'?

It is a little worrying when people tell us that they have been ‘leaned’. Sometimes just a figure of speech, and often used positively to be fair, but it does have a strong whiff of ‘done to’ rather than ‘done with’ the team.

‘We are too busy to improve’ – really?

A recent experience drove me to reflect on why people feel too busy to make the time for improvement. I wondered on the 'true cost' of firefighting and the lost opportunities out there of staying in the paradigm of 'too busy to improve'. Article by Chris Lawson

When Lean Meets Private Equity

The Private Equity world is one that is often 1 or 2 degrees separated from Lean and Continuous Improvement. However, we see that there are huge opportunities to leverage within this environment.

The power of Obeyas and Visual Management for Project Management

In many organisations you will find that there are Project Managers whose role it is to coordinate projects. They find themselves trying to get all the departments and silos in the organisation to pull in the same direction to deliver a larger project. Often however they have limited success.