About Us

Who are Castlefirth

Through the transfer of knowledge gained from decades of experience in many successful organisations our aim is to transform organisations to deliver continued breakthrough results. Every member of the Castlefirth team has at least 10 years of breakthrough Transformation experience.

Our flow of purpose model shows how we help you to deliver exceptional levels of return on investment in terms of people, quality, cost, timeliness of delivery and growth.


The Castlefirth Team

All Castlefirth consultants are highly experienced business leaders with a track record of Lean improvement across public and private sectors.

We have excellent analytical communication, planning and organisation skills and a strong focus on delivering key operational and strategic objectives whilst ensuring efficient use of available resources.

We are committed to high quality customer service and have led a number of Lean transformations across a wide client base that includes Healthcare, UK and US Military, Policing, Banking, Construction, Charities, Steel and Aluminium Processing, Utilities and 1st Tier Automotive.

Glyn Finney

UK +44 (0)7950 683302

Tom Banks

USA +1 (713) 516 5576     UK +44 (0)7713 878666

James Morgan

UK +44 (0)7855 013709

Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson

UK +44 (0)7789 952451

Luca Molinari

Luca Molinari

UK +44 (0)7824 485499     Italy +39 328 3318470

Carlo Piredda

Carlo Piredda

UK +44 (0)7930 922839

Phill Lane

Phill Lane

USA +1 (972) 569 7344

Paddy McAlpine

Paddy McAlpine

UK +44 (0)7879 010609


We have a deep understanding of the true approach to Lean rooted in an education from the founding developers of the approach. We have an ability to adhere to the principles, not compromising the vital elements of continuous improvement while remaining flexible to organisational and individual needs.

Typical Results

‘Double digit’ customer focused and organisational bottom line improvements will be achieved with heightened customer experience and improved staff morale. This translates to increased capacity, reduced operating costs, reduced lead times and improved cash flow within the organisation. A return on investment of over 10:1 is very typical.

Why are We Different

You and your teams are the experts in your business; we are the experts in continuous improvement. Using the SAVE model we help you to tap into the years of knowledge and experience that already exist in your organisation and learn how to look at things differently to achieve the performance goals you need.

Our depth and range of experience is second to none and our pedigree of results is unrivalled in this environment. We will not compromise your results by introducing inexperienced team members to your improvement work.